Repellent Plants?

Answer Repellent plants naturally ward off insects and other animals, making them a welcome addition to yards and landscapes. Some repellent plants are offensive to numerous pests, while others only ward ... Read More »

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Slug Repellent Plants?

Slugs can cause problems for many gardeners. They can damage plants and be difficult to eradicate. While there are many types of pesticides you can purchase, these usually contain harsh chemicals a... Read More »

Flea Repellent Plants?

Once fleas make a home on your pets they will multiply in your carpets, on furniture and even in bedding. Flea bites are itchy and make the warm season miserable for people and pets. However, grow... Read More »

Natural Fly Repellent Plants?

Some plants offer a natural way to repel pesky flies from your garden. Flies do not like the fragrant smells of certain plants, and when the plants are in bloom, can discourage flies from coming ar... Read More »

Aphid Repellent Plants?

Aphids pierce the soft tissue of plants in order to suck out the plant's fluids. These pests can cause curling or yellowing leaves, stunt young shoots and attract sooty mold fungus. There are sever... Read More »