Repairing a Damaged Pressboard Subfloor?

Answer Flooring installers repair a damaged pressboard subfloor, typically called OSB plywood, before installing the finish floor covering. Pressboard subfloor manufacturers compress wood chips and adhesi... Read More »

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How to Replace a Damaged Subfloor With Plywood?

The floor under your floor covering consists of at least two subfloor layers, generally of plywood. If the top layer is damaged or rotting out, you'll need to replace it before you proceed with car... Read More »

Repairing Damaged Soffits?

Soffits are the underside of the eaves on your house, the part you would see looking straight up from underneath. Leaks in the eaves can allow water to accumulate on them and the rafters to which t... Read More »

Repairing *really* damaged hair?

Find the 'cause' before you can find the solution, then eliminate them. Your hair will improve. Remember, whatever it was that caused them to fall out in the first place, it took years to get in yo... Read More »

How do I remove paint from pressboard?

Heat PaintPlace a hair dryer or heat gun directly over the painted area of the pressboard. Heat the paint by applying the heat to the stain for a few seconds at a time. Avoid leaving the dryer or g... Read More »