Repairing Peeling Paint on a Bathroom Ceiling?

Answer High humidity is the most common cause of peeling paint on a bathroom ceiling. Peeling paint is unsightly, and it exposes the ceiling to a potential mold and mildew problem unless you repair it qui... Read More »

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How do I fix peeling paint on the bathroom wall& ceiling?

Scrape the PaintWear a respirator in case the paint is the toxic lead-based type found in older homes. Scrape off the peeling paint by pressing a putty knife between the paint and the surface. Scra... Read More »

Repairing Peeling Plaster in a Bathroom?

In a bathroom, plaster walls are exposed to high levels of humidity as well as actual water. Water-damaged plaster can crack and peel, creating an unsightly mess. Typically, it's the paint over the... Read More »

How do I remove peeling paint from a ceiling?

PreparePurchase a face mask and putty knife. Set up a ladder or step stool depending on the ceiling height. Use a drop cloth or old sheets to catch falling paint chips.ScrapeScrape off all loose pa... Read More »

How to Solve a Problem With Peeling Paint in a Bathroom?

Peeling paint in a bathroom happens after a bathroom is repainted. The common places in a bathroom where this occurs is near the sink, the bath/shower or toilet. The cause for this peeling occurs w... Read More »