Repairing Chipped Marble?

Answer Marble can add an elegant atmosphere to any home, but it is a relatively soft stone and can chip and crack fairly easily. Most of the time, chips and cracks occur during installation, such as in ma... Read More »

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Tips for Repairing a LCD TV?

Televisions have become more complex over recent times. Increased technology has also led in increased complexity in the use and repair of televisions. LCD television are no exceptions. LCD stan... Read More »

When is it worth repairing a car?

Certain factors will determine if you should repair your car or look at other alternatives. Explore all other options to see which is the most cost effective for the short-term and long-term. Revi... Read More »

Should I tell Sky TV that i know someone with a chipped box?

Hell no,get to know how they did it,then tell me,I could do more with the £57 i pay Sky a month.

Repairing Peeling Laminate?

Laminated home surfaces, such as cabinets and countertops, provide a natural wood appearance at a much lower price than actual hardwood. Since laminate essentially consists of printed paper sealed ... Read More »