Repair Peeling Cement From Salt?

Answer Concrete scaling or peeling refers to the top layer of concrete that is flaking off. It often starts in small areas but can spread. Deicing salts contribute to this form of damage, particularly cal... Read More »

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Is sea salt any different from table salt, or is it better for your health to eat sea salt than regular salt?

Sea salt is considered by some to be a healthier alternative to table salt, since it lacks artificial chemicals used in processing. Despite the iodine content of seawater, however, sea salt typical... Read More »

Where does the unused cement go from a cement mixer?

they will want to rinse their chutes where they pour it...if its not too far back to the plant they will add water and spin the drum till they get back to the plant...there they usually have a plac... Read More »

How to Repair a Peeling Dashboard?

Dashboards take a lot of abuse from exposure to sunlight and UV rays. The result is faded and peeling paint. The sun exposure also causes the vinyl to dry out and crack. Repairing your dashboard be... Read More »

Can you use salt water when making cement?

Yes you can, and cement that you make with salt water is stronger than cement that you make with fresh water. Making cement with salt water does keep the cement damp, however, so it is not advisabl... Read More »