Repair Information for a Hydraulic Jack?

Answer Hydraulic jacks, whether they are bottle or floor jack types, have the same basic internal construction and operation. You close the release valve, insert the handle into the pump lever, pump the j... Read More »

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Car Hydraulic Jack Repair?

Powering tools, lifts and jacks, hydraulics are not only powerful but also compact. The combination of a pump, fluid, line and a piston in a cylinder can lift anything from a sub compact to an over... Read More »

How to Repair a Hydraulic Jack?

A hydraulic jack is an essential tool for every auto mechanic. There is no substitute for the versatile lifting ability that comes from having a good hydraulic jack. However, when one fails it can ... Read More »

How to Repair a Hydraulic Jack Seal?

When your hydraulic jack stops working then it's likely a seal has failed. This causes hydraulic fluid to leak out, the pressure to drop, and the jack to stop lifting. Replacing a seal can be a tal... Read More »

How to Repair a Car Hydraulic Floor Jack?

A good hydraulic floor jack is a staple of every garage due to its versatile lifting abilities. With a floor jack there is no need to drive a car onto a lift -- simply put the jack underneath and r... Read More »