Rent to Own Pitfalls?

Answer Slumps in the economy often spur more rent-to-own home deals, which also are known as lease-option contracts. People who don't have enough money for a down payment or who have poor credit histories... Read More »

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Annuity Pitfalls?

An annuity is an investment vehicle typically sold by life insurance companies. With an annuity, you pay the insurance company a regular sum of money, often on a monthly basis, in return for regula... Read More »

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Freelancing?

Freelancing is a great way to earn a living if you have the right attitude, the skills, and a lot of self discipline. The challenges of freelancing, however, can undermine a successful freelance ca... Read More »

How to Recognise Virtualization Pitfalls?

The current economic crisis has caused many firms to turn to virtualisation in an effort to reduce costs. They are won over by the benefits of reduced hardware costs,

How to Avoid Office Pitfalls?

Like everything else in life the workplace comes with its own set of complications that is sometimes difficult to deal with. We all handle these difficult situations very differently. The stress mo... Read More »