Renaissance Wave Hairstyles?

Answer If your locks are shoulder length or longer, a romantic Renaissance style may be for you. Typified by the abundant golden waves of the Botticelli Venus, the wavy Renaissance hairstyles were sported... Read More »

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Braided Renaissance Hairstyles?

During the Renaissance, braiding hair was popular among women and men. Braids hid dirt and grease. This style also held loose hair away from fires and food. Women generally grew their hair very lon... Read More »

Renaissance Costumes & Hairstyles?

The Renaissance era ran from the 14th to the 17th century. During that era, the upper classes put a lot of effort into making their clothes and tending to their hair. However, peasants and the marg... Read More »

Medieval or Renaissance Hairstyles?

There was a huge cultural transition in Europe from the Middle Ages -- from the fall of the Roman Empire until the middle of the 14th century -- to the Renaissance, named for the period's "rebirth"... Read More »

Women's Hairstyles in the Renaissance?

Women in the Renaissance began to show more of their hair. While peasant women could not afford jeweled hair accessories and usually wore their hair plainly, women of status wore ribbons and jewels... Read More »