Renaissance Parenting Techniques?

Answer In the Renaissance era, parenting of both boys and girls was primarily the task of women until about age 7, when boys were taken from their mothers to be trained in the duties of men, while girls r... Read More »

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Does there seem to be a lack of parenting questions in Parenting?

Sometimes yes. But I suppose it's because when we ask questions even if they aren't related to parenting we want a certain audience to see them.*Wow I guess the swine flu joke I posted has gained ... Read More »

A Few Actual Parenting Questions For The Parenting Section..?

5 - 12, 10, 7, 6, 5getting the kids to help - looking after 5 kids by myselfYep I always have down days - doesn't every parent?I love dancing and singing with them, sometimes craft projects and oth... Read More »

How to Be a Renaissance Man?

Being a renaissance man involves having a wide variety of interests and being very intellectual and well-rounded. Historically to be a renaissance man was to be a perfect gentleman so it is a skill... Read More »

Renaissance Projects?

Imagine living during the time when Columbus discovered the New World, Shakespeare wrote his world-renowned plays and artists like da Vinci, Botticelli and Michelangelo created their masterpieces. ... Read More »