Renaissance Hair Styles?

Answer Renaissance hair styles for wealthy women were usually elaborate creations that only work with long hair. The Renaissance, or the period from the 14th to 16th centuries, was a time of new ideas and... Read More »

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Artistic Styles of Dress of the Renaissance?

The Renaissance marked an era in European history known for artistic innovation and creation. The realm of fashion also experienced changes during this period, and many of these changes reflect som... Read More »

How to Do Your Hair Like in the Renaissance?

Women's hairstyles during the Renaissance were all about showing off the hair, and accenting it with adornments such as pearls, veils and gems. Hair typically was braided and then decorated with t... Read More »

How to Do Renaissance Hair Braid?

Hair braids were very common during the Renaissance because braided hair was very easy to care for and keep out of the way. Women from the upper class to scullery maids wore their hair in braids. T... Read More »

How to Learn Renaissance Hair Braiding?

Portraits from Renaissance times often depict women with elaborate braided hairstyles. Renaissance women left these hairstyles in for days at a time since their hair was generally several feet long... Read More »