Removing the Lennox Flame Sensor?

Answer Lennox manufactures an extensive line of residential gas furnaces that use an internal component known as a flame sensor to ensure that the appliance operates safely. The flame sensor is designed t... Read More »

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How to Clean a Flame Sensor on a Lennox Elite Furnace?

All Lennox Elite Series furnaces come with a flame sensor. The sensor is a safety device that permits the furnace to operate. A dirty flame sensor causes a furnace shut down, so it needs occasional... Read More »

How to Clean the Flame Sensor on a Lennox Pulse 21 Model G21Q3-60-1 Furnace?

The Lennox Pulse 21 furnace has a flame sensor that will not allow the furnace to run if it is covered in debris. If the sensor is dirty, the heat will not go on. You can remove the flame sensor an... Read More »

How does a flame sensor work in home furnaces by using a metal rod in the flame?

Its not a flamesensor its a pilot generater it generates a small amound of electricity to open the main valve that way if your pilot light goes out it wont let gas escape and couse a potentian expl... Read More »

Removing a Lennox Thermostat Off the Wall?

Lennox makes a variety of programmable, digital thermostats for home use. Digital thermostats allow for more control over the temperature of your home, and the programming function automatically ad... Read More »