Removing the Exhaust on a V-Star 650?

Answer Yamaha's V-Star 650 cruiser motorcycles used a staggered, dual-muffler exhaust system, using a pair of exhaust pipes that run from each of the engine's cylinders. A cross-over tube connecting both ... Read More »

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Removing Exhaust Manifolds?

Work on enough engines and you're bound to run into at least one exhaust manifold bolt that would sooner snap than back out of the block. While any monkey with a cheater bar could simply yank and h... Read More »

The Best Method of Removing a Check Valve From an Exhaust System?

Check valves are used in the exhaust system to allow fresh air to enter the exhaust stream during the negative pressure pulse of the exhaust and prevent exhaust from escaping during the positive pr... Read More »

How to Swap the Exhaust on a V Star 650?

As Yamaha's smaller entry into the cruiser motorcycle class, the V-Star 650 is packed with enough bad boy attitude to make it stand out in a sea of chromed machines. The rumble of its 649 cc motor ... Read More »

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