Removing the Door Panel From a 1995 Toyota Corolla?

Answer In 1968, Toyota shipped its first Corolla to the United States. As American buyers were beginning to desire more and more features, Toyota went the opposite direction with the Corolla, making it as... Read More »

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Removing an Alternator for 1995 Toyota Corolla?

The alternator mounted on the engine of a 1995 Toyota Corolla creates the electricity that the engine and vehicle uses to power the electrical components used throughout the vehicle. This is critic... Read More »

Toyota Corolla Door Panel Removal?

Removing one of the door panels on a Toyota Corolla car may need to be done for one reason or another. If the panels have become worn out or damaged, you may need to replace them altogether. If you... Read More »

Removing a Door Panel on a 2006 Toyota Prius?

The Prius hit U.S. showrooms in the 2001 model year, and the first rendition was not necessarily an attractive one. In 2004, Toyota significantly redesigned the Prius, giving it a more acceptable a... Read More »

How to Remove a Door Panel on a 2000 Toyota Corolla?

The power lock and window wire connections, window motors and door speakers are all located behind the door panels on the 2000 Toyota Corolla. To gain excess to these components you will need to re... Read More »