Removing iPod Song Duplicates?

Answer Duplicates on your iPod are irritating when shuffling, and they take up extra space. Duplicates occur when you have duplicates in iTunes, and they sync to your iPod. There's a quick fix in iTunes t... Read More »

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How do I remove duplicates from iPod?

Use iTunes to Remove DuplicatesOpen iTunes and select "Music" from the Library. Go to the File menu and choose "Display Duplicates." Choose any songs you'd like to delete and press the "Delete" key... Read More »

How do I delete iTunes library without removing them from iPod?

its best to leave them after a certain amount of time your Ipod will require a resync to update license, if you delete the songs you may need to repurchase them.I am not entirely sure but if you ch... Read More »

My iPod Touch Keeps Removing the Photo Gallery?

some ghost files might be interrupting the system.

How do you take song from an iPod shuffle and move them to an iPod nano?

Answer You would have to put the song on itunes. then you can put it on your ipod.Super easy way to get your hands on your ipod songs:open my computer, file e: (when ipod is plugged in), go up to T... Read More »