Removing a Wiper Motor?

Answer Windshield wipers are not just a convenience, they are an integral safety feature for operating a motor vehicle in adverse weather conditions. Slow, weak or unresponsive windshield wipers can be a ... Read More »

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Removing a 2007 Civic Wiper Motor?

The 2007 Honda Civic wiper motor is located under the cowl. It’s attached to a tubular windshield wiper linkage support bracket. The wiper linkage uses replaceable plastic bushings to secure it t... Read More »

Removing the Rear Wiper on a Chevy Trailblazer?

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How to Fix a VW Wiper Motor?

The wiper motor in many Volkswagens today has a modern design, different from those found in older Volkswagens, and may require replacement when the motor burns out. Fixing it can be done one of tw... Read More »

Removing a Power Window Motor?

Removing the power window motor from the vehicle door is a job that can be completed in about thirty minutes. The window motor occasionally wears out or becomes damaged, requiring replacement for t... Read More »