Removing a Lennox Thermostat Off the Wall?

Answer Lennox makes a variety of programmable, digital thermostats for home use. Digital thermostats allow for more control over the temperature of your home, and the programming function automatically ad... Read More »

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Removing the Lennox Flame Sensor?

Lennox manufactures an extensive line of residential gas furnaces that use an internal component known as a flame sensor to ensure that the appliance operates safely. The flame sensor is designed t... Read More »

Does Honeywell make the Lennox p 4147 thermostat?

The maker of the Lennox P X4147 thermostat is officially listed as Lennox International, Inc. It is available through Lennox online or through various HVAC stores throughout the United States.Sourc... Read More »

Testing a Car Thermostat Without Removing It?

The car thermostat is a control valve that regulates the flow of coolant from the radiator to the engine, to promote engine warm-up and maintain constant operating temperature. A typical thermostat... Read More »

Removing border wall paper?

In a bucket of hot water, mix 4 parts hot water and 1 part liquid fabric softener. Soak the worst areas with this before hitting it with the steamer again. Sometimes pricking little holes in the pa... Read More »