Removing a Kenmore Freezer Door Handle?

Answer You may own a Kenmore freezer that has a broken or worn door handle that you need to replace. Or you may want to remove the door handle to make the freezer easier to relocate. Whatever reason you h... Read More »

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How to Replace a Kenmore Microwave Door Handle?

Kenmore microwave ovens are made and serviced by Sears. Microwave door handles are often damaged because when they are opened suddenly, they can hit cabinets or other appliances made of materials s... Read More »

How do you switch door handle positions from left to right on a Kenmore refrigerator?

I haven't ever seen one where the manufacturer has made this something that can be done without retrofitting. You can change the direction that the door opens, though.

Troubleshooting: My Kenmore Freezer Won't Get Cold?

Since 1927 Kenmore has been the in-house brand name for Sears appliances. Its reputation for quality has helped the brand become so successful that today one in three American homes has a Kenmore a... Read More »

How do I use flash defrost on a Kenmore freezer?

Remove FoodRemove any food that will spoil during the defrosting process from the Kenmore freezer. Turn the temperature alarm off. Pull the Flash Defrost plunger out, which is located on the inside... Read More »