Removing a GE Evaporator Cover?

Answer The rear panel of the freezer compartment in your GE freezer serves as a cover, protecting the evaporator coils, defrost system and evaporator fan. The coils are a key component in the overall cool... Read More »

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Why is youtube removing videos that cover others music?

A lot of people can't seem to comprehend the meaning of copyright.It simply means if you made something, it's yours. If someone else made something, it's theirs. (What could be simpler?)As such, "E... Read More »

Removing a Speaker Cover on a 1990 Toyota Celica?

1990 Toyota Celica models have speakers in four locations. Two are in the front, on the lower portion of either side of the dashboard. Two more are in the rear side panels. All of these speakers ha... Read More »

How to Clean a Car's AC Evaporator?

According to "Motor Trend" magazine, the inside of your car can contain up to 10-times more pollutants and contaminants than the air in an equal volume of space outside of the car. Manufacturers ha... Read More »

How to Remove An AC Evaporator?

Your vehicle's AC evaporator works as part of the air conditioning. A vehicle's air conditioning serves a dual purpose. Air conditioning keeps you cool and comfortable and removes heat from the eng... Read More »