Removing Yellow Stains from White Shoes?

Answer Daily activities such as walking outdoors or playing sports can often cause yellow stains on your white shoes. The white shows the stains more than most colors, which makes cleaning the shoes essen... Read More »

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How do I remove yellow stains from shoes?

Remove Dirt and GrimeMix a few squirts of dish soap in a medium-size bowl of water. Dip a toothbrush in the mixture, and scrub the dirty yellow areas of the shoe with the toothbrush until all of th... Read More »

Natural Method of Removing Yellow From White Hair?

Natural white hair can be stunning, unless it has a yellow cast to it. Silver and gray hair can have a yellowish cast to it as well, but the causes and remedies are the same as for pure white hair... Read More »

How do I get these yellow stains out of my black and white dress?

Try mixing equal parts dishsoap, baking soda & peroxide, apply to stains with an old toothbrush & scrub it in well. Let sit for a few hours, then wash normally. If that doesn't work you might want ... Read More »

How do I remove yellow stains from antique white fabric?

Soak antique white fabric in a mixture of non-chlorine bleach and water. Combine a half cup of bleach to two cups of water, and mix in a large bowl. Let fabric soak for 20 minutes.If fabric is larg... Read More »