Removing Rear Seats in a Mustang?

Answer Attempting to remove the rear seats in a Mustang can initially seem like trying to solve a puzzle, as there are no obvious bolts or clips securing the seat in place. However, removing the rear seat... Read More »

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Can you put two rear-facing car seats in a 2007 Ford Mustang Coupe?

Answer You can do anything. It probably wont be cheap though. Bring the car to a couple of different shops to see what they would charge. Usually the way the car comes off the line is the way it i... Read More »

What rear facing infant car seats work best in a ford mustang?

I have the Graco Safeseat. It has been wonderful. Our daughter is 16 months old now and still comfortably fits in her rear facing seat. I am currently searching for a forward facing. You can't be a... Read More »

Removing the Front Seats From a 2004 F150?

Ford started the F series truck line in the 1948 model year and labeled them the F1, F2 or F3, based on their trim level. In 1975 Ford released the F150 trim level as the next option up from the ba... Read More »

Instructions for Removing Cloth Seats From a Cosco Flower Car Seat?

If you'd like to use bright colors for your infant or toddler girl, the Katie model of the Cosco Scenera has a pink flowered background that many little girls will enjoy. If you purchase this car s... Read More »