Removing Glow Plugs?

Answer Removing glow plugs from your engine is a task that will take some patience, but can be done in an hour or two. Glow plugs are located on the side of the intake manifold and are often installed in ... Read More »

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How to Tell When Glow Plugs Are Going Bad?

In a diesel engine, glow plugs function similarly to spark plugs. While spark plugs create a spark, a glow plug heats up. The heat causes the plugs to glow, and that is where they get the name glow... Read More »

What Are Glow Plugs?

The construction of an engine varies depending on what kind of fuel is going to be used. This means that engines using different fuels vary widely in the parts they use, even if the construction pr... Read More »

How to Fix Glow Plugs?

Glow plugs are the diesel equivalent to spark plugs for gas-powered engines. Unlike spark plugs, glow plugs do not generate an electrical spark. Instead, they heat up slowly until they glow, hence ... Read More »

When to Change Glow Plugs?

Glow plugs for diesel engines warm the engine block so that your diesel engine can begin running. If your glow plugs aren't working properly, you won't be going anywhere. Therefore, it's best to ch... Read More »