Removing Dents With an Air Duster?

Answer Small car dents can happen by accidentally bumping into another car or hitting a stationary object. This dent does not necessary mean a costly trip to an auto body repair shop. If the car dent is r... Read More »

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How to Remove Automotive Dents with an Air Duster and a Hair Dryer?

Automotive dents can be eyesores, and having dents removed can be an expensive process. To make matters worse, many dent removal techniques can scratch your car's paint, and some even require holes... Read More »

Removing Dents With Ice?

Finding a dent on your car can can frustration, but knowing how to repair the problem yourself can help make a stressful situation less troubling. A dry ice treatment may lessen minor dents and wil... Read More »

Removing Car Dents?

Dents make your vehicle appear old and worn. If your car has hail damage, has been hit by a rogue shopping cart or has simply backed into something, you can sometimes repair the dents at home witho... Read More »

Removing Dents With Dry Ice?

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