Removing Chrome With Acetone?

Answer Removing chrome plating from objects is easy to do with acetone. Acetone is often used to make plastics, chemicals and fibers, and it is also used to break down substances, including nail polish. B... Read More »

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How to Clean Chrome Acetone?

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Removing Hair Extensions With Acetone?

Acrylic glue adhesive is used in fusion weaving. Ideally, acrylic glued fusion weave pieces should be removed by a professional. However, in a pinch, the weave pieces can be removed at home. The on... Read More »

Removing Scratches in Chrome?

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Removing Tar From Chrome Motorcycle Pipes?

Properly functioning windshield wipers are an invaluable asset to a vehicle---especially during wet weather conditions. As many other electrical car devices, the windshield wiper fuse may blow out ... Read More »