Remove your name from google search?

Answer You might as well drain the oceans!

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How to Remove Your Social Media from Google Search Results?

Are You tired of every thought, social media and personal information of yours, landing up on Google's search results page? Do you feel it is necessary to make your data private? Google allows you ... Read More »

How do you put your name on the google search?

you can always make a web site will work when your done go into extras and then widgets then you can search for google and it will see one the you can just make your own logo on the... Read More »

How to Remove Google Search History From a Mac?

Both Safari and Firefox keep track of the text you enter in search and form fields by default. This functionality, intended to save keystrokes by automatically completing queries in the future, com... Read More »

How to Remove Names From Google Search?

One of the many features of the Google search engine is the ability to search for anybody's basic contact information, provided you have his first and last name. For privacy reasons, some people do... Read More »