Remove your name from google search?

Answer You might as well drain the oceans!

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How do I remove a search history in Google?

Go to the Google homepage. (See Resources.) Click the "Sign in" option at the top-right corner of the page. Sign in to your Google account, entering your registered Google account name and password... Read More »

How do I remove Google search box in toolbar?

FirefoxRight-click on the bar and select "Customize." Drag the search box off the toolbar and into the window that pops up. This will remove the search box from the toolbar.Internet ExplorerClose y... Read More »

How do I remove the history from the Google search bar?

Click the down arrow next to the Google toolbar and select "Clear History." If you don't see that option, try typing a search word into the toolbar--the "Clear History" option should pop up. To sto... Read More »

How to Remove Names From Google Search?

One of the many features of the Google search engine is the ability to search for anybody's basic contact information, provided you have his first and last name. For privacy reasons, some people do... Read More »