Remove pornographic images from computer?

Answer use the search feature with the following entries 1 by 1 using copy and paste on each line then press the enter key*.jpg*.gif*.jepg*.pngright click and press delete then move to next pic & repeatre... Read More »

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How do I eliminate pornographic materials from my computer?

Download a program called window washer, I downloaded mine from Morpheus but it can also be downloaded from Limewire or Bearshare etc... I don't use mine for removing Porn but window washer deletes... Read More »

How do i delete the display images from my mac computer.?

If you want to delete your default desktop pictures go to:root (your hard drive) > Library > Desktop Picturesthese are the Apple default desktop pics you're talking about, delete the ones you don't... Read More »

How to Transfer Images from Computer to Mobile?

Want to show off your beautiful pictures on your cell phone? It's not too hard to transfer your photos from your computer.

Transfer Images from iPhone to Computer?

what the other girl said, or you could send all of them to your email, i did that before on my friends phone.=]