Remove 'changed profile picture' from news feed?

Answer Just go to your timeline and click on the post or picture on the right 'hide story'

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How do stop a friend's incessant picture posts from showing up in my news feed on Facebook?

If they have time (i'm pretty sure everyone is forced too by now), press on the friends button, and click show in news feed. It should be unticked when you click on it. Voila, said person doesn't s... Read More »

Is there a way to remove Top Stories at the top of the News Feed in the updated Facebook?

There are several ways you can get rid of top stories or half fix your feed. For awhile you could change to Google UK, and you can "train" your news feed by unmarking all stories that are top ones.... Read More »

How to Remove My Facebook Profile Picture From an Internet Search?

Many people nowadays have a Facebook profile, even if it's only for connecting with family and close friends. Some people do not, however, want their Facebook profile picture to show up in public s... Read More »

On Facebook what's the difference between "Live Feed" and "News Feed"?

Live Feed is just whatever is happening right that moment. The latest happenings.News Feed is like big uploads, your preferences of what to see (if you have those settings), and what's popular rece... Read More »