Removal of the CV Drive Axle?

Answer The CV drive axle in your car connects your transmission to your drive wheels, allowing the drive shaft to turn the wheels at a constant velocity regardless of terrain. A joint connects the two par... Read More »

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How to Remove a Passenger Drive Axle from a Mercury Front Wheel Drive?

A Mercury with a front wheel drive transmission uses drive axles, also called half shafts, which are mounted on both sides of the transmission and turn the front wheels. These axles have joints and... Read More »

Ford Differential Axle Removal?

Removing the front differential is an uncommon and fairly complex operation. The front differential is a solid housing that moves as a whole unit instead of moving independently like an independent... Read More »

Removal of an Axle on a Dodge Dakota?

The Dodge Dakota pickup truck has a single rear axle (as opposed to a split rear axle) with a differential. Receiving power from the drive shaft, the differential gear transfers the power 90-degree... Read More »

Mazda Millenia CV Axle Removal?

CV Axles or half shafts on Mazda Millenia come under a slightly different configuration, depending on your particular model, which makes the use of some special tools and even a hoist, in some case... Read More »