Removal of an E36 Mirror?

Answer If your BMW E36's mirror is damaged, you may want to remove it to replace it. It is illegal to drive without side mirrors. After removing the mirror you will be able to add the new one and be on th... Read More »

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VW Mirror Switch Removal?

While it may seem like a heavy task, removing the mirror switch for a Volkswagen is in fact relatively easy. There are simple tips and shortcuts that can guide you through an easy removal without h... Read More »

Silverado Mirror Removal?

Removing a mirror, or mirrors, on a Chevy Silverado is a relatively easy process. If you are getting rid of the mirror to upgrade to defrost and directional light features, remove the interior door... Read More »

Volvo Mirror Removal?

Removing or replacing mirrors in a Volvo is not an overly difficult task, but it will require some mechanical skills. Your side-view and rear-view mirrors may be operated via remote control or have... Read More »

Honda Mirror Removal?

Rear-view and side-view mirrors have been a standard feature on cars since the automobile's earliest days. Honda first began manufacturing cars for American drivers in 1959 and has remained a popul... Read More »