Removal of a Wiring Harness?

Answer The electrical wiring in a vehicle is connected to a wiring harness which is, in turn, connected to the fuse block in the engine. This wiring is the equivalent of household electrical wiring and a ... Read More »

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Harness Removal for Jeep Grand Cherokee Headlamp Wiring?

A non-functioning headlamp on your Jeep Grand Cherokee is likely due to a bad bulb. However, in some cases, the wiring harness that connects the bulb to the vehicle may have a short in it or otherw... Read More »

How to Put a New Wiring Harness In an MGB?

Putting a new wiring harness in an MGB was a consideration made by the car's company. Most of the wires on the harness will be fitted with the proper type connector for their use.They will also be ... Read More »

How to Build My Own Wiring Harness?

Wire harnesses are designed to be secure, quick-release modular devices for connecting two components. Making a wire harness for a custom application requires using materials available at most ele... Read More »

How to Remove a TBI Wiring Harness?

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Chevrolet introduced a new type of injection system called Throttle Body Injection (TBI). This system employs fuel injectors mounted in the top of a basic throttl... Read More »