Removal of a Tacoma Brake Rotor?

Answer Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks use a disc type front brake assembly. Disc brakes operate using friction. A caliper assembly presses two brake pads against the brake disc or rotor. If the brake disc be... Read More »

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Honda Brake Rotor Removal?

Most Hondas use a front disk braking system that has a rotor attached to each wheel hub; when a hydraulic caliper applies friction to the rotor with pads, the friction stops the car. These rotors c... Read More »

Dodge Van Brake Rotor Removal?

Performing a brake job on your Dodge van may seem like a difficult task, but it is quite simple to do. The key is knowing what needs to be done and covering all the bases. For example, you need to ... Read More »

Daewoo Brake Rotor Removal?

The basic procedure for removing brake rotors on a Daewoo automobile is very similar to removing them on other cars. If you possess moderate tool skills, you should have no difficulty removing your... Read More »

Ford F-250 Front Brake Rotor Removal?

You can access and detach the front brake rotors on your Ford F-250 by removing the tire/wheel assembly. You should take the necessary precautions, however, to avoid damaging the brake caliper. Als... Read More »