Removal of a Cigarette Lighter in a Mercedes R350?

Answer The Mercedes R350 is part of the Mercedes R-Class. It is a crossover wagon, similar to a station wagon. The Mercedes R350 comes with a cigarette lighter that is not immediately visible; it's stored... Read More »

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How to Install a New Cigarette Lighter in a Car?

Most cars produced now days no longer have an actual cigarette lighter inside of the car. The port the lighter uses can still be found in all modern models, but these are now used to power electron... Read More »

How to Install a Car Amp With a Cigarette Lighter?

Using the cigarette lighter to power your car amp means that instead of just turning the car on to generate the amp's power, you will need to plug the adapter into the lighter to turn the power on.... Read More »

How to Replace a Car Cigarette Lighter?

The cigarette lighter is used as a DC outlet to power 12-volt mechanisms. It can also be used to operate power inverters. A power inverter uses the 12-volt power from the cigarette lighter and conv... Read More »

How to Wire a Cigarette Lighter Adapter?

Even if you don't smoke, the cigarette lighter in your vehicle comes in handy. This is because it may work as a power outlet for travel products, allowing you to hook up hardware, such as chargers,... Read More »