Removal of Fiero Alternators?

Answer The alternator on a Pontiac Fiero generates electricity necessary for operating the engine and other electrical components, as well as for charging the battery. When the alternator fails, the batte... Read More »

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Fiero Tank Removal?

Removal of the fuel tank in a Pontiac Fiero is slightly complicated as it is located under the back of the car. Taking the fuel tank off the car requires some mechanical skill as the working condit... Read More »

Fiero Exhaust Removal?

The exhaust manifold on your Pontiac Fiero collects exhaust gases at the cylinder-head exhaust ports, and guides them toward the header pipe and out of the system. Removing the manifold or manifold... Read More »

Instructions For Alternators?

Just like any automotive part, alternators sometimes fail and need to be replaced. The alternator in a vehicle keeps the battery in prime condition for start up. Batteries tend to need replacement ... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Alternators?

Alternators are small electric generators that charge the battery of a vehicle. A vehicle typically has just one alternator, which is plenty, to charge the battery. When the alternator malfunctions... Read More »