Remote address for bell express view 3100 receiver?

Answer You can't. It's a security thing

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How do you change remote address on the Bell Expressvu 3100 receiver?

Here's what I found.... Haven't tried it yet, but the guy said this was straight from the manual for the 3100 Make sure to goto the system info screen before changing your 3100 remote address. Pr... Read More »

How do you program a tv to work with bell 3100 receiver remote?

Try any codes you can find for Sansui or Orion TV's. They are the same.

How do you change the remote control address on a replacement remote for a Bell Expressvu 4500 receiver?

Changing Remote Address Dish Network satellite receivers can be programmed to operate on different remote control addresses. Switching to a different address is necessary if you have 2 satellite re... Read More »

How do you change replacement remote address on the bell expressvu 4000 receiver?

There's a red button inside the remote's battery compartment and another one in the SD card slot on the console (right above the eject button and below the reset button). Push the 2 red buttons sim... Read More »