Remember this snack?

Answer I am not sure what happened to them but they were made by Mars Inc. They were called Cornquistos and the Cornquistador was their mascot. It seems a lot of people miss them....To: Masterfoods Dea... Read More »

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What Chinese snack is this?

What is this snack called?

Are veggies still a healthy snack if I do this?

olive oil is a monounsaturated fat. there are 4 main types of fats not included omega fatty acids.saturated - increases the LDL (bad cholesterol)trans - increases the LDL (bad cholesterol) AND decr... Read More »

Is this considered a small meal or a snack?

It's not very balanced, so I would say it's a snack. I also try to eat three 500 calories meals and two 250 calorie snack throughout the day (for a total of 2000 calories) and I doubt that is even... Read More »