Remember the days when cameras were for photography?

Answer Well I remember when all cameras were totally manual. The meter suggested correct exposure but you had to make the settings - f-stop and shutter speed.You learned to focus and to compose a photo.Yo... Read More »

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You were drunk and cant remember if you had sex or not. You were on your period and 3 days on you feel dizzy and weak. You were or are a virgin and are 17. Does that mean that you could be pregnant?

you can get pregnant whether its the first or 569457698-45 time to have sex. you won't know until two weeks for sure.YOu are definitely not pregnant if you are a virgin though. unless semen got anw... Read More »

What kind of cameras does photographers use and where can i look for professional photography cameras?

There's a couple of great tips here on becomming a good photographer without spending a fortune, but if you simply want to gawk at what the pros use:Canon 1DS Mk2: Read More »

How to Remember when You Were Little (for Older Kids)?

Are you aching to remember your toddler-hood, and your life before the age of seven? Then you've came to the right article! Many older children don't remember every single part of their younger lif... Read More »

When were spy cameras invented?

The first spy camera was created in France in 1865 and was made of wood. It was about 1 inch by 1..." inches and used daguerreotypes (metal plates). The first miniature film camera was created in 1... Read More »