Remedy for Dry Skin From Hypothyroidism?

Answer Hypothyroidism is a hormonal condition where the thyroid gland becomes dysfunctional and does not produce enough thyroid hormone. Without thyroid hormone, many of the body's systems can become unba... Read More »

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Hi; i got sever back rash from dry skin, what is good for dry skin or good remedy?

Well, for severe dry skin, I would recommend several things. One thing that you could do is to drink more water. Another thing that could work is lotion. You may want to stick with non-scented or l... Read More »

Home Remedy for Removing Hair Dye From Skin?

A common problem with home hair coloring kits is that dyes often stain the skin. There are commercial products available to remove color from skin, but you might not have time to stop by the drug ... Read More »

Home Remedy to Remove Flaking Skin From Face?

Rather than heading to a doctor's office for a costly microdermabrasion procedure, creating and adhering to a simple skin care routine can help to remedy your facial flaking. The key is to remove t... Read More »

Home Remedy for Lightening Scars From Acid Burns on the Skin?

Burns can be some of the hardest injuries to deal with, and more often than not leave scars. While burning your hand on the stove may leave your palm a little red and raw, large-scale burns, such a... Read More »