Remedies for Severe Dry Scalp?

Answer A severely dry scalp can cause itchiness and be very uncomfortable. The dry flakiness that comes off the scalp is called dandruff. Dandruff is embarrassing, especially if you are wearing darker-col... Read More »

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Can Hair Dye Cause Severe Itching of the Scalp?

Itching of the scalp after using hair dye is usually due to an allergic reaction. Hair dye manufacturers recommend using the dye on a "test patch" of skin two to three days before coloring your hai... Read More »

Severe Dry Scalp Treatment for African American Hair?

African-Americans very often suffer from severely dry scalps. Even after trying conditioner after conditioner for dry hair, the problem can persist. This uncomfortable condition can be more than an... Read More »

My husband has severe scalp psoriasis and no shampoos seem to eleviate the itching. Any advise would be welcom?

Go to a good 'soap store' (a 'soap' boutique) and ask for 'pure shea butter soap' with NO 'sodium laureth' in it. It's a BAR SOAP, but my husband had severe sebhorrea (another 'skin rash similar t... Read More »

Dry Scalp Remedies & Causes?

There are many causes of dry scalp. Your scalp can become flaky and dry due to diet, stress, weather, hormones and more. There are many topical treatments you can buy from a drugstore, but try natu... Read More »