Remedies for Patchy Skin?

Answer Patchy skin can occur when the skin has been previously damaged as a result of abrasions, acne blemishes or injuries to the skin. When the skin becomes patchy, the complexion can appear blotchy and... Read More »

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What is dry patchy skin around eyes?

Though it is difficult to diagnose a rash without visulaization, your description is most compatible with blepharitis - this benign ailment is usually treated with Johnson & Johnson shampoo (applie... Read More »

What could a rash be on the inner right thigh that has dry patchy skin with little red bumps and itches?

I normally get that on my thighs in the winter time, but I just put moisturizer on it and it went away the next day. It's probably just dry skin. Answer just got one myself. very scared.. i see... Read More »

Remedies for Red Skin?

For millions of people, having skin that appears red for a variety of skin ailments can be embarrassing, yet very common. Although there are a number of things to do at home to prevent flare-ups, d... Read More »

Skin whitening remedies?

Natural Skin Whitening Remedies Without Using Skin Whitening ProductsYou can make at home whitening skin care with a few simple products.To lighten and whiten your skin naturally, use a combination... Read More »