Remedies for Dry Coarse Hair?

Answer Hair that is dry and coarse can be hard to manage sometimes. It quickly becomes a time-consuming task to style it. Thankfully, there are a few ways to get rid of the damage to create healthy hair. ... Read More »

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Hair Removal Techniques for Thin Skin & Coarse Hair?

Coarse body hair is largely genetically dictated. The genes, being the despotic dictators that they sometimes are, don't bother taking a vote and letting the individual weigh in on just how much a... Read More »

Layered Hair Styles for Thick, Coarse & Curly Hair?

Thick, coarse and curly hair is defined by heavy hair follicles, which are wiry, paired with natural, bouncy curls. While this hair type allows for significant volume and body, it can be difficult ... Read More »

How to Make a Natural Hair Cleanser for Coarse Hair?

You can create your own hair cleanser at home for a fraction of the cost of shampoos available in salons and stores. If your hair is especially coarse, the best type of cleanser is one that will st... Read More »

Hair Styles for Thick, Coarse Hair?

Thick, coarse hair can be tricky and can often present challenges. It takes a lot of time and patience to not only maintain your style but keep the hair healthy.The trick is finding and using the r... Read More »