Reliv & Asthma?

Answer Reliv is a line of nutritional supplements sold through a Missouri-based multilevel marketing company, Reliv International. The company says its products are effective in treating numerous medical ... Read More »

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Asthma ......?

I have asthma, Steam makes me worse! I use vicks vaporub ointment. My mom used to rub it on my cheast and back, and then I would take deep breaths and inhale the fumes. It would make it easyer for ... Read More »

Can asthma be genetic?

Asthma's exact causes are unknown, according to the National Institutes of Health, but it's likely that genetics play a role. The NIH reports that researchers attribute asthma to a combination of f... Read More »

Is asthma non-infectious?

Asthma is a condition and not an infectious disease.

Dog Allergy & Asthma?

Dogs experience allergies and asthma as humans do. Chemical histamine releases within the body occur when a dog comes into contact with an allergen. Histamine causes a dog's nasal passages and airw... Read More »