Relative Density Vs. Specific Gravity?

Answer Relative density and specific gravity are terms used in the scientific community to gauge the density of a given substance in relation to other substances.

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What is the difference between density&specific gravity?

Density is a measurement expressed in such units as g/cc or lb/cubic feet. It measures the amount of material in a given volume of some substance, such as lead or iron. Specific gravity is a ratio ... Read More »

What is the density of steam to specific gravity?

When a substance in question is gaseous, specific gravity gives the ratio of the substance's density to that of air. At 60 degrees Fahrenheit, steam (pure water vapor) has a specific gravity of aro... Read More »

What do you multiply specific gravity by to obtain density?

If you know the specific gravity of an object you can determine its density by multiplying the object’s specific gravity by the density of a standard. The standard most often used is the density ... Read More »

Specific Gravity Vs. API Gravity of Hydraulic Oil?

Specific gravity and API gravity are both measurements of density. They both can be used to measure the gravity of a fluid, such as hydraulic oil, in the same way that miles or kilometers can both ... Read More »