Related to computers, what does USB stand for ?

Answer Universal serial bus, it's that plug looking thing that has slots on almost anything and you can hook it up. Computers have it, phones have it, video game consoles have it. Here's a pic of how it l... Read More »

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What is a hierarchy of related computers on a network is called?

A hierarchy of related computers on a network is called a domain. The domain is an interconnected group of computers and other network devices that can be accessed and controlled by a common set of... Read More »

Factors Related to Teacher Use of Computers in the Classroom?

Computers in classrooms are often used as a communication tool and can help students learn practical skills, such as keeping financial records, word processing or picture processing. For teachers, ... Read More »

What does UPS stand for in computers?

A UPS, or uninterruptible power supply, is a backup power supply for use during commercial power blackouts. A UPS device will provide the user with enough power to safely save and shut down a compu... Read More »

What does PCI stand for in computers?

According to Top Bits, PCI stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect. Developed by Intel in 1992, PCI became the standard expansion slot for computer peripherals by 1996. PCI Express has since s... Read More »