Related article about breastfeeding?

Answer a good site to visit for ALL your breastfeeding questions is

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Anti breastfeeding or well-balanced article?

I have nothing against people who bottle feed when they do so with the best intentions for their baby. My SIL for example didn't feel she was providing enough milk and made a choice as a mother to ... Read More »

Why does Wikipedia allow an article about The Swingtips, but not about SEO 2.0?

Why Wikipediots do anything is often a mystery, even though their response to this particular query is extremely predictable: WP:OTHERSTUFFEXISTS. My best guess in this particular case is that Wiki... Read More »

Ignorance about extended breastfeeding?

Just because a child breastfeeds doesn't meant hey don't know how to drink from a cup- anyone who thinks that is seriously not using their brain, in fact studies show that breastfed babies tend to ... Read More »

A question about breastfeeding after 12 mos?

I wil completely disreguard the misinformation you have and answer the question at hand- Why choose to breastfeed beyond one year?My son is 2yrs & 9.5 months. Before he was born my goal was longer... Read More »