Related To Account Deletion?

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How does a wikipedia article become a candidate for "speedy deletion" Can the deletion be stopped?

i agree with all the above ~butto state the obvious~some one reports the "lie"here is an example~…personally not much trust in ithope this helps

Facebook - message deletion?

Aww, yes he can read it. The message you sent him is not deleted. Unlike when you post on his wall, you can remove it but not on his inbox.

How to Nominate an Article for Deletion in wikiHow?

This article will help you to better understand the wikiHow policy for Nominating Articles for Deletion, as well as the correct procedure necessary for making that nomination.

How to Not Get a "Speedy Deletion" on Your Article?

Have you ever written an article on wikiHow only to have it deleted shortly after? Well, you probably violated some of the Terms of Use. Learn how not to violate it, and you could eventually become... Read More »