Reinstalling Windows 7?

Answer Microsoft Windows 7 provides multiple ways to reinstall the operating system. Users with a functioning version of Windows 7 can reset the operating system to its original settings through the Advan... Read More »

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How do I Replace the Windows Taskbar Volume Icon Without Reinstalling Windows?

The Windows operating system features an area called the taskbar where the Start menu, taskbar buttons and quick launch menu are displayed. It is within the quick launch menu that various system co... Read More »

Reinstalling Rasapi32.dll for Windows XP?

DLL, or Dynamic-Link Library, files contain pieces of programming language code that can be used interchangeably by specific applications in Windows. Instead of writing the same code over and over ... Read More »

How to Get Internet After Reinstalling Windows XP?

After you reinstall Windows XP on your computer, all of your settings will revert back to their factory defaults. This includes program settings as well as network settings. Because of this, there ... Read More »

Will reinstalling Windows XP fix a registry problem?

Reinstalling Windows XP will fix a registry problem. However, it may be easier to just get one of the many free registry cleaners that are available online. You can easily find one on CNET. Without... Read More »