Reiki also deals with cleansing chakras and clearing blockages. ...contd?

Answer FriendYou have repeated the question againYes, there are different forms of Reiki. Reiki Tummo is what I have been practicing & is the best method to awaken kundalini. Please visit http://www.padma... Read More »

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Face cream, a cleansing cream, a deep cleansing lotion and a cleansing scrub. How often and how do I use them?

Use the cleansing lotion in the morning and the cleansing cream at night. Use the face cream after cleansing in the morning if your skin is dry. Use it at night after cleansing before you go to bed... Read More »

For makeup removers, does cleansing oil work better than cleansing milk?

It depends on wether the make up is a polar or non polar substance. Assuming you don't know, to get rid of it best, use both hot water and cleansing oil

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How to Avoid Kitchen Sink Blockages?

There is a lot of advice on how to clear your kitchen sink after it's blocked; how about avoiding getting it all blocked up in the first place? The common sense knowledge passed on by people who ha... Read More »