Rehabilitation hospital very sick. Wetting incontinence. ?

Answer The hospital nurses and staff have dealt with your type of situation before and they will handle it very discretely.It is normal to be have incontinence after a seizure and the staff will know it, ... Read More »

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My grandma sick in hospital - she is seeing a door....?

I think she is "ready". The fact that she wants someone else to open "the door", may mean it isn't quite her time to go. My heart goes out to you. It is always harder on those left behind.

How can you prevent your baby from becoming sick if you have a fever and she just got home from the hospital she had a pneumothorax?

A baby born at less than 27 weeks with a weight of 800 grams or less.

How do u get along with a spoiled sister that hates u never said i love you and was very happy when u got seriously sick and had to go to a hospital 3 hours away which meant that no one visited u?

Oh my! It sounds like you really need to work this out with your sister! I would suggest being extra EXTRA nice to her. Even though she might treat you badly, if you treat her with lots of respect,... Read More »

What do I do my son is still wetting the bed and he's nine?

Clean the bed, smile at him tellyour child: next time you will be dry. YOU ARE DOING YOUR BESTIf it happens often, then put him in diapers.