Regular Water Vitamin Water Or Gatorade Which would you prefer more?

Answer Vitamin Water - Because I'd be quenching my thirst and hydrating myself and getting some vitamins at the same time.(But in the meantime, I just drink water... Some of that vitamin water is just kin... Read More »

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Regular Spring Water Or Flavored Water which do you prefer more?

I prefer it regular. Nothing wrong with the flavors but if I am going to drink water, might as well make it water and not kool-aid.

Gatorade Or Vitamin Water Which is your favorite?

Although neither is my favorite, out of the two I would pick vitamin water. I think you already know what I prefer to drink! :) (omg that sounded bad!!! Meant as a totally innocent comment!)

Which produces more urine: Gatorade vs. water?

On One Hand: Water Produces More UrineAccording to a 1992 study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, 19 college students in Austin, Texas exercised and then rehydrated themsel... Read More »

Does a plant grow faster if you water it with regular water or with vitamin water?

one thing that does help plants grow to be bigger, healthier,and stronger is vitamins from vegetables. so when you boil corn or carrots or potatoes or any type of veggie, save the water and use it ... Read More »