Regrouping & Subtraction Activities?

Answer The teacher points to the young boy's paper and says, "Remember, all we have to do is borrow from the tens' place and carry it to the ones' place." He frowns, looking up at his teacher. "But, my mo... Read More »

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How to Explain Regrouping Within Subtraction?

Students learning subtraction are often introduced to regrouping, or "borrowing," which is necessary in some multi-digit subtraction problems. For some, it can be a tricky concept to understand at ... Read More »

Ideas for Teaching Subtraction With Regrouping?

If subtraction with regrouping is causing problems for your child or students, you are not alone. Borrowing, or regrouping as it is sometimes called, has often intimidated and baffled students who ... Read More »

How to Explain Regrouping in Addition & Subtraction?

Addition and subtraction with regrouping is taught sequentially in many steps in most second grade math textbooks. Once students learn the basics of these math skills, they receive repeated practic... Read More »

Math Problems for Subtraction by Regrouping?

Subtraction by regrouping, also known as borrowing, involves borrowing one from the digit on the left. In other words, successively regrouping each tens digit into 10 ones digits. With practice, st... Read More »