Regrouping Activities for Grade Two?

Answer Regrouping is a curriculum standard for most states in the second grade. Many students find regrouping difficult. The process of regrouping requires the students to have a good understanding of num... Read More »

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What does regrouping mean in second grade math?

Regrouping is simply rearranging the numbers in a math problem. It is also known as carrying or borrowing. Teachers use this term more now than the terms carrying or borrowing because it is easier ... Read More »

How to Teach Regrouping in Second Grade?

By the time students enter second grade, they know how to solve one- and possibly two-digit simple addition and subtraction problems. Regrouping allows students to solve all two-, three- or four-di... Read More »

Regrouping & Subtraction Activities?

The teacher points to the young boy's paper and says, "Remember, all we have to do is borrow from the tens' place and carry it to the ones' place." He frowns, looking up at his teacher. "But, my mo... Read More »

Activities for Two-Digit Addition With Regrouping?

To be successful with two-digit addition with regrouping, students must have a good grasp of place value, as well as a good memory for the steps of the addition algorithm. Activities and games that... Read More »